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How to Teach Informational Writing

You probably already know that I LOVE teaching writing. And you might think I'm crazy, but nonfiction writing might be my favorite type of writing. It's hard to call favorites, but truthfully - I find it the easiest (personally) than other types of writing. I think...

How to Use Small Group Writing Conferences

What do I do with my writers at all different levels?  A few weeks back, I shared a blog post about Writing conferences. I think we can all agree how important Writing conferences are. We’d be hardpressed to find a teacher that DIDN’T think writing conferences are...

5 Ways to Differentiate for Stronger Writers

  We’ve all been there before.  Most of your class doesn’t seem to have a clue what you’re teaching, but then you’ve got 2-3 students that are sailing along.  They’re moving and shaking in Writing Workshop. They take what you teach and somehow make it look even...

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