Math vocabulary is so important to your students’ understanding of the content. Let’s talk about the importance of a math vocabulary word wall and why you need one in your classroom. 

What is a word wall?

A word wall is a collection of words that are physically printed or written and attached to a wall or other flat surface in your classroom. A word wall contains vocabulary words that students need to learn and understand to make them more successful in your classroom and the foundation for future years. The goal of a word wall is to make the words easily accessible and present in the classroom so that students become familiar with the words and they don’t have to stop and think about what those words mean or how they are spelled. 

What is a math vocabulary word wall?

A math vocabulary word wall is a word wall full of math terms and key words. It is important that our students become familiar with common math terms. 

A math vocabulary word wall allows us to introduce vocabulary words to students slowly and place them on the wall where they can be reminded of the words throughout the day. All you need to do is find a blank bit of wall, bulletin board, whiteboard, or even a window blind where you can clip your word wall words. 

Why use a math word wall?

There are a few reasons why you might want to use a math word wall. First, your students will have a go-to spot to check the meaning of a math term when they can’t remember what it means.  Second, when students grow their math vocabulary beyond just knowing what the word means, they can use the vocabulary in their speaking and writing. If you have your students talk in partnerships about how they solve problems or in class discussions, you’ll want them to use appropriate academic vocabulary. If you have students write about their thinking in math, then you’ll want them to use academic vocabulary. Having a visible word wall also helps them with the spelling of the words. Third, as your students move into grade levels with state or district testing, understanding academic vocabulary is essential. A math word wall is a simple way to support your students all year long.

Math Vocabulary Word Wall

As an upper elementary teacher, I knew my students needed math vocabulary support. I just couldn’t quite find what I was looking for, so I decided to create my own. And I’m happy I can share it with you today because this labor of love will save you some time! I have created separate word walls for 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd – 4th grade, and 5th grade.

Each Math Word Wall resource includes the entire year of math vocabulary words. And if you ever find that you are missing a word, please reach out and I am always happy to add it for you. 

Math Word Wall {First Grade}

As early readers and writers, students will greatly benefit from having their first-grade math vocabulary words  clearly visible. The first grade word wall includes a picture or illustration to help your little learners understand the vocabulary words. All you have to do to have these word walls in your classroom today is simply print, laminate, and find a spot to put them on your wall! 

Math Word Wall {Second Grade}

The second-grade math vocabulary word wall also includes a picture and the meaning of the word. Second-grade math vocabulary words start to branch out from simple addition and subtraction ideas into place value and number sense, measurement and data, geometry and shapes, and beginning fractions and decimals. 

Math Word Wall {Grades 3-4}

In third grade and fourth grade, there are many new concepts that overlap between the two grade levels. Each word includes a picture and definition of the word. The categories include place value and number sense, fractions and decimals, measurement and data, geometry, multiplication, and division.

This math word wall is exactly what you need to help your students develop and understand their math words for 3rd & 4th grades. 

Math Word Wall {5th Grade}

The 5th-grade version of the math vocabulary word wall includes illustrations and a description for every math concept.  The 5th-grade math word wall math vocabulary words that pertain to base ten systems, operations of algebraic thinking, fractions, geometry, measurement, and data. 

Do you need a math vocabulary word wall in your classroom?

A math vocabulary word wall is extremely helpful in promoting math vocabulary words in your classroom. By using math vocabulary word walls in your class, you are setting students up for success by creating a space for them to become familiar with vocabulary words that will follow them throughout each school year. 

The more present a word is for a student to read and see in the classroom, the better they will know and understand that word. And I’ve made it easy for you to implement if you don’t already have a math vocabulary word wall. You can check out the math vocabulary word wall resources.  With these word walls, you can simply print, laminate, and display in your room. Then sit back and enjoy listening to your students use math vocabulary in their conversations.

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