Math morning work for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade

You probably already know how important morning routines are for an elementary classroom. Students need a good routine to start the morning. Morning work just makes sense. Having a consistent activity for your students makes your job a lot easier (and we know you need as much of that as you can get!!). This is why I created the math morning work. Every day, students come in and know exactly what they are supposed to do. 

Let’s talk about the math morning work for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade.

math morning work for 4th grade

Why use math morning work for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade?

Math morning work for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade is a great way to start the day. It gives students an opportunity to continuously practice skills or expose them to skills that might be forthcoming. 

Routines first thing in the morning are extremely helpful for an elementary classroom. Students come into the classroom, put away coats, backpacks, and lunch boxes, and sit down in their chairs. With morning work on their desks, students have a job and expectations rather than roaming around the room aimlessly.  It also helps you have time to do all the teacher things such as take attendance, answer questions, and get ready for the day’s first lesson. 

Let’s talk about what the math morning work looks like at each grade level. The math morning work is currently available for grades 1-6 and consistently covers critical content for that grade level.

What I love most about the morning work is the daily themes! The daily theme varies across grades to align with grade-level skills. Let’s talk about each day. 

Multiplication Monday

On Mondays, the theme is Multiplication Monday. Students focus on multiplication and division problems for review and practice. In third grade, it begins with repeated addition and lots of visual models. In fourth grade, it begins with basic multiplication and division facts and problems. In fifth grade, it progresses to multi-digit multiplication and division. Each grade level progresses throughout the year, and continuously reviews skills. 

morning work for 3rd grade

Base Ten Tuesday

Tuesday’s theme is Base Ten Tuesday, with problems focused on place value and using the base ten number system. Problems also include rounding, addition, subtraction, word problems, and the value of a digit. 

math morning work for 4th grade

Wordless Wednesday

For Wednesday, your students will enjoy Wordless Wednesday. A lot of the problems throughout the morning work are word problems, so Wednesday is a nice break from that! Instead, they will focus on three math problems with no words. 

math morning work for 5th grade

Throwback Thursday

Thursday is Throwback Thursday. These review days may have problems from a past unit in their grade level or previous grade level. Thursday is also a day for measurement, data, money, and geometry. Anything that does not fit in the theme of the other days of the week will be covered on Thursdays. 

math morning work for 3rd grade

Fraction Friday

On Fridays, the focus is Fraction Fun Friday. Students have fun with fractions including lots of visuals and models. We try to make fractions fun for our math morning work. The more review and practice our students have with fractions; the more likely fractions actually will become fun!

math morning work for 4th grade

If you are interested in my morning work resource, check out this bundle! 

Daily/Weekly Updates

The daily/weekly updates are probably the feature I hear most about when it comes to the morning work! Most days have a question for students about their opinion, what they did over the weekend, how they are feeling, etc. to keep it fun and engaging. Teachers enjoy learning more about their students and students love sharing about themselves. 😃

math morning work for third grade


Math Weekly Assessments

Are you looking for a great way to assess how well the math morning work is working out for your classroom? I have great news for you. I received a lot of feedback that an assessment resource would be helpful for many of you, so I decided to deliver.

math morning work for third grade

The Math Weekly Assessments go with the Math Morning Work resources so that you can see how well your students are doing with morning math work. This resource has a quiz for each week of math morning work you give to your students.

I would suggest giving the quiz on Friday after your routines to see what they retained from that particular week of math morning work. The quizzes will hold students accountable and show you what they know and what you need to continue working on in class. 

The Math Weekly Assessments are in both printable pdf 🖨 and Google Forms 💻. The Google Forms are self-grading. 🙌

Instead of the day of the week in each section, the section is titled by that group of skills. For example, Geometry & Time, Fractions, etc. This way you can easily see what those problems focused on.

math weekly assessment


math weekly assessment

FAQ about the Morning Work + Assessments

What standards are the skills aligned to? 

Like most of my resources, I typically follow the Common Core standards. Many states have their own state standards, which are ever-changing. I also incorporate activities that bridge gaps between grade levels and are appropriate for that age group.

Can I purchase just a month instead of the whole bundle? 

Yes, the morning work is available for each individual month for August – June. However, the weekly assessments are only sold as a bundle. You can try a free week here!

How much time do you allot for this each morning? 

You can use the morning work for the first 10-15 minutes when students trickle in. I briefly went over it for less than 5 minutes, depending on our day. If you teach math in the afternoon, you can also use it in the afternoon. 

If you think morning work is as important as I do for the function, rhythm, and learning in your classroom, then you’ll love implementing the math morning work into your routine. It only takes a few minutes, but it can set the tone for the day by starting off predictably and consistently for your students. 

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math morning work fifth grade

math morning work fifth grade