Meet the Teacher should be an exciting time for you to meet your new students and their parents. Don’t stress about which forms you need, sign-in sheets, or having something special to share with your students. I’ve got you covered! ❤️

What is included?
The following forms are included – all in an editable format for you to make any changes as needed.

Binder Divider/Cover: I like to keep all of my Back to School Items in one place (a binder). You can use this to divide between all of the BTS events so your materials are all organized and ready to go.


Special treat label: This is universal so that you can use it with any candy, healthy snack, or small gift for your new students. (Need Ideas?: Starburst, new pencils, cute erasers, something cute you find at the Target Dollar Spot, Goldfish crackers small snack bags)


Signs for Parents: I suggest printing these on card stock. You can fold them in half to make stands to direct parents where to sign-in, sign-up, volunteer, fill out forms, etc. A blank editable one is available too. (See font list if needed.)

Sign-In Sheet: This is a basic form for parents to sign-in for attendance purposes and to note how their child gets home on the first day of school.


Volunteer Sign Up: We all need a little help! This form will encourage parents to volunteer in the classroom and let you know who is available to volunteer their time.


Volunteer Form: This form lets parents give a little more information about the types of activities they would be interested in.

Classroom Scavenger Hunt: This fun little checklist will provide a nice activity to help your students become acquainted with their new classroom and know where the basics are located.


Student Information: This basic information sheet is very handy for you to have on hand. It gives a snapshot about their health information, family, siblings, interests, and also a spot to note any special holidays they celebrate.

Google Forms
Google Forms are available in case you want to skip the paperwork

Please reach out if you have any questions or I can support you in any way.

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