Hey there! If you haven’t had the chance to try out the monthly text sets in your classroom, then now is the time. If you teach grades 3-5 and follow the Common Core Standards (or your state’s version of that), then your students are probably expected to write in response to text on a regular basis. In fact, they may even be tested on it. I created the monthly text sets because I wanted to be able to consistently have a text that I could use to teach both reading and writing. Also, I wanted to solve a bigger problem for teachers – having an EXAMPLE of what that writing might look like. With MLK Day right around the corner, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite text sets. Actually, this was the very first text set that I created in 2019. 

Currently, there are a total of 12 text sets. There is one for each month of the year, but they can be used at any point in the school year. (Check out the bundle here.)

Each text set includes: 

✅2-3 Nonfiction Texts⠀⁠
✅Comprehension Questions aligned to standards⠀⁠
✅Writing Prompt (Text-Based)⠀⁠
✅Teacher Model Writing Plan + Essay⠀⁠
✅Differentiated for Grades 3-5⠀⁠

January’s text set is all about the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Students will read one text, “The Civil Rights Movement” that gives background information about the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement. The second text, “The Life and Times of MLK: A brief history of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” goes into more detail about MLK and his role. 

Reading Comprehension Questions

The text and reading comprehension questions are differentiated for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade. When you purchase the text sets, you also get a link to a Google Sheet that has the standards addressed in each text set. The informational standards are continuously reviewed throughout the year. Even if you only use the text sets for the writing portion, your students are continuously reviewing informational reading standards.

The questions are divided up between each text set and also includes a section where they answer a question for integrating the texts. (RI.3.8, RI.4.8, RI.5.8)

3rd Grade Reading Comprehension Questions

4th Grade Reading Comprehension Questions

5th Grade Reading Comprehension Questions


The writing portion includes a prompt in which students will write using both texts to respond. The prompt for this text set is an opinion prompt:

Martin Luther King, Jr. is the only non-president to have a national holiday dedicated in his honor.  Why do you think this is so? Use information from the passages in your essay.

If you are familiar with my writing units, then you know that boxes and bullets are the standard around here. I have a lot of thoughts about that, but the gist is that they are so simple and provide a consistent structure for your students. There are two graphic organizers for boxes and bullets that include an opportunity to have 2 body paragraphs/reasons or 3 body paragraphs/reasons.

Writing paper is also included for a final published piece. Depending on how long you have and/or if you are in test-prep mode, you may choose to have students write a rough draft on notebook paper or in their writing notebook and then write a final copy on the publishing paper. Then, display in your classroom or hallway for the world to see all of your students’ amazing writing! 

Probably one of your favorite parts of the text sets is that there is a teacher example plan and essay. Teaching writing is time-consuming enough, so when you have an example then you can focus on HOW to teach it. 🙂 

The plan and example essay includes three reasons. If you decide you will only have some/all of your students use two reasons, then just remove one of the body paragraphs. There is also an editable teacher plan and essay available as a PowerPoint and Google doc so that you can edit and adapt the essay to your needs.

You might also use a Google Doc/PowerPoint to write the essay with your students and use the example as a guide. 

You can find the MLK Text Set by clicking here or the image below. 

Opinion Text Set {MLK Day}

You might also like the Monthly Text Set Bundle that includes all twelve of the Monthly Text Sets.

Monthly Text Sets (Bundle) INTRODUCTORY PRICE


If you’re looking for more support in teaching writing, then you may be interested in the complete writing units. Both the informational and opinion writing unit include daily lesson plans, PowerPoints that help you navigate writing workshop. 

Informative Writing Unit  Opinion Writing Unit

MLK Day Reading Bingo

If you’re looking for another fun way to celebrate MLK Day fun, then you might also enjoy the MLK Reading Bingo

This is an informational newspaper-style text perfect to teach your students about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and may be used over a few days. The questions are offered in two versions.


Bingo Game

Bingo sheets are included, which have questions from the article. Students read the informational text about MLK Day. Then, they answer questions on the bingo grid. The grid comes in 26 different versions. Having each student use a different version of the answer grid will allow you to reinforce the content of the informational text by playing a game of bingo possibly on MLK Day or at the end of the week. The questions range from vocabulary, finding the main idea, using text features, as well as finding key details. 

How to Play:

The first page is an answer key, which can be used to play the game of bingo. Cut up each square, place in a Ziploc bag or container of your choice and call out questions. Students must answer the question correctly and have 5 in a row. Up, down, or diagonally. Students can use counters or any treats to keep track of the questions called.

Also Included!

Reading Comprehension Questions: The questions are also in a traditional multiple choice and short answer format. Not all answers are included from the bingo grid and the questions may be slightly different. You would not need to use BOTH formats – pick one or the other.

Click the image below for the MLK Day Reading Bingo or you can buy the complete Holiday Reading Comprehension Bingo Bundle, which includes any current and future (President’s Day!!) Holiday Reading Bingos.

MLK Day Reading Bingo