Happy Friday! What a week! Let me start off by patting myself on the back for TWO blog posts this week!    Today’s post is a link up Blogger Product Swap with Learning to Be Awesome and The Core of Grade 4.  I have had the pleasure of using the The Core of Grade 4’s Math Concept Posters in my classroom. So, let’s get right to it.  I am excited to share this product with you!


So, Math is not my strength.  Neither is Science.  I am a Reading and Writing girl at heart.  I live in books, notebooks, words, and pencils.  When I first looked at this product by Amy, I thought it would be a great tool to use with my students. We use Math Journals every day and most of our Math Workshop is spent in our notebooks.  I was excited to use this as an anchor chart for my students in their notebooks. I debated about how to use this resource in my classroom because it really lends itself to being used in so many ways!  Amy suggested it could be used in their math journals, as an assessment, or developed as a class.  I work at a Title One school and we have an extremely diverse population. My classroom includes ESE, ESOL, Gifted, and regular ed students. The range of math levels in my classroom is very wide.  So, I chose not to start this with my whole group, but rather two students.  I did this for two reasons:

  1. To better understand how to answer the questions!  The questions are GREAT questions and if students have mastered the standard, they should be able to answer the question! I love it. I should be able to answer the question as well.  Lol 🙂 I am new to 4th grade after being in 3rd grade for a LONG time and 5th for one year.  I have to learn everything I teach this year.  I love 4th grade, but it has been a very overwhelming year. And 4th grade Math is kind of crazy! 🙂
  2. To see how my students responded.  I began this work with two of my higher level students to gauge how my highest level response might look like in my classroom.  This gave me a point of reference when I use these in the future with the other students in the classroom.


I started using the Math posters with my gifted student.  I pulled two of the concept posters based on what we have already learned about fractions.

She knocked my socks off.

I started by sitting down with her and showing her the first poster.  (I shrunk them down 85% so we could glue them in our math notebooks. Next time, I will probably shrink them a tad more.)  We did the first question together, which was “How can I use efficient strategies to compare fractions?”  I just began this conference with the question, expecting to discuss her thoughts and how she would answer it.

Her eyes began to sparkle and she timidly asked if she could just write  on the paper. She’s always one step ahead. She then proceeded to give two examples and then labeled her strategies.  I encouraged her to explain a little bit more.  She was good to go on this task, so I gave her the two fractions posters of the material we have already learned and told her to just work on the rest of the questions answering them the same way that she did.  She literally ran back to her desk to get started.  It was hilarious.

Later, during our Math Intervention, I had her work with another student to complete the posters together.  It was heartwarming to watch these two girls excitedly try to figure out how to answer the questions while discussing all the things we have been learning about fractions so far.


For higher level students, the questions offer a nice challenge for students to answer and make their own chart for their Math Journal.  This could also be used for an assessment after learning the unit.  I will probably use these as a wrap up activity when we end our unit on fractions.  I might have my students complete with a partner and then have a gallery walk around our classroom.  As I experimented with these two students, I learned so much about what they could do and where I could go next to extend their thinking.  These concept posters turned into such a natural yet higher level assessment.  The best part?  My students loved it!

image image

I am ecstatic with how this worked out with my students! 🙂 I am nowhere near finished using this product.  I am only on the tip of the iceberg.   It is often very difficult to meet all the needs of all of your students.  The past few years, I have worked to find ways to continually challenge my higher level students.  This resource is another way to do that.

You might also want to check out her store The Core of Grade 4 because she has these Concept Posters for grades 3-5 on a variety of concepts in Math and Science!  I had a very difficult time making a choice because I could use them ALL!! 🙂  I already have the rest of my Fractions, Place Value and Measurement Posters ready to go!



Next week, we are getting into Fractions and Decimals.  These concept posters are going to help keep me focused!

Now that you have heard all about this resource and seen the magic in action, enter our giveaway for a chance to get this product for FREE!!!

Amy is also reviewing a product of mine over at her blog The Core of Grade 4.  You can check out my product Bookagram and enter our giveaway for my product.  We’ve got your Math and Reading fix on a  Friday!

I hope you have a great weekend and thank you so much for stopping by!  🙂

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