Hello December! The holidays are flying by! Thanksgiving came and went.  Now, I am feeling the pressure to get my holiday shopping completed. Dare I say, I have not even started.  (Shocking, I know!)

Moving right along to a fascinating topic-Book Clubs!

Using Book Clubs in the classroom can be one of the most fascinating projects, but also an overwhelming force to be reckoned with.  We started Book Clubs in my 4th grade classroom before Thanksgiving Break.  I am working on a Book Club bundle right now, but I wanted to keep a record and ongoing chronicle of how it’s going in my classroom.  This is the beginning of that journey.  So far, we have done the following:

Day 1:  Organized our Book Clubs, I assigned the books and groups.  Students unpacked their Book Club folders and gave themselves a name.  They set goals for finishing  the book, how long it would take them, how many pages per day.

Day 2:  We had a fishbowl Book Club conversation so students could see what the Book Club conversation should look like & sound like.

Day 3-4:  Book Clubs met and I circulated the room and helped guide the conversations.

Day 5:  We are here:)

So, my next post will provide more details & pictures about what I have found works and doesn’t work:)  Stay tuned!