Well, I have officially made it through the first two weeks of school. Our Open House was on Thursday. I was not too keen on having Open House the second week of school. However, it makes sense to not have it too much later so that parents aren’t expecting an individual conference 🙂 My Open House went well. I don’t know how other teachers feel, but it always feels like I have to cram so much information into a very small amount of time. And then do it all over again. (Our school has two sessions in case parents have students in other grades.) I hope they think my jokes are as funny as I do!! 🙂 I think I am a riot! But, sometimes I have to check to see if Ryan heard me or not when I make a joke. He forgets to laugh sometimes, so I have to remind him to be a good audience.


It is Labor Day weekend and time to relax after a hectic couple of weeks. We have minimal plans this weekend so we can truly enjoy the extra day off. Today, we went to our current usual spot—Firehouse Subs.  They have the BEST hot subs.  I am not even a little ashamed that I inhale a whole large sub.  Every time.  And yes, that is the same amount as my boyfriend.  It is so good.   Now, I am getting the look that it is time to shut down the computer and watch the Gator Game!!

GO GATORS!!!!!!:):)

My routine has been altered. My Mondays no longer are spent catching up on Netflix and taking Titan out to play.