This summer has been very relaxing!  Though I have enjoyed my time reading, watching TV, movies, and spending most of my days with Titan- today marked how close it is to the upcoming school year.  I can tell I am semi- ready to go back to work, but not quite yet.  Over the past few days, I have driven Ryan crazy with the amount of time I have spent on the computer just trying to learn how to do some techie stuff and getting some lessons ready for this coming school year.  I came across 2 wonderful teacher blogs which have been so helpful for doing educational STUFF.  If you are a teacher blogger or a seller on TPT, these are two wonderful teacher blogs which I found very helpful for some of the technology logistical kind of stuff.

Mrs. Stanford’s Class.

I’ve put a few new products on TPT and revised some of my existing products after finding these 2 bloggers.  I know I am only touching the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many teacher blogs out there & I love finding those little gems! My brain has been on overload learning some new stuff, plus trying to organize my pictures online and I’ve started using Dropbox.  LOVE IT!  PLUS, over the next 3 days I am attending the Florida Core Standards Summer Language Arts Institute at Poynter. in downtown St. Petersburg.  I have learned so much today that my brain literally hurts!! I am reminded of how I feel during the school year, especially the first few weeks/month.  It’s so funny because when I get home on days like today I am STARVING!!!!!  On the hour (yes, hour.) drive home I was dreaming about what I could make to eat when I got home because even though they provided a wonderful lunch today, I did not eat enough protein.   The love of my life has taught me enough about nutrition, but I have learned the hard way how the lack of protein can affect your brain functioning.  Sad, but true.  So, I tried to have a plan of attack on the way home in order to not eat the entire fridge.  Yes, that would happen.   The most likely meal of choice for me would be cheesy eggs because they are the perfect meal to me.  On a side note, Ryan assumed I would be having eggs and vodka for dinner since he will not be home tonight.  As horrible as that may sound to you, it’s been done before!  ANYWAY, to make a short story long…I actually whipped up a very delightful snack/meal.


Honey Chicken with Grapes!  #iCANcook     (if the chicken is precooked