Mommy & Me
7 Weeks 🙂

In March, Ryan brought home our new baby: Titan. He is a beautiful black and brown Doberman and the love of my life (second to Ryan). Currently, he is all kinds of on top of me trying to eat my pencil, change the channel (yes, I know I am too old to be watching Pretty Little Liars, but I have a secret addiction to ABC Family), and using the computer cord as a chew toy. Did I mention licking my ears and fingers while I type? He does not seek attention-he demands it.  He is the best cuddler and simply a lover! At 6 months old and 60 pounds, he still thinks he is small enough to sit in our laps.   I think he will always believe he is a lapdog 🙂

It is amazing to me how much I love and adore this dog.  I have never been much of a dog person because I thought they : a)  were not that smart b) were too much work and  c) pooped and peed everywhere.  Boy, was I wrong.  Maybe it is because he is ours or because he is a Doberman.  Either way, I think I have been transformed by this beautiful creature! He drives me bonkers, but he also provides me daily with love and affection.  My mother has been telling me this about her dogs for years.  Now, I get it 🙂