We are in the 2nd full week of my Summer Vacation. This is the first Summer I have not worked or been in school ever. EVER. I have always either been working on my college degree or teaching a summer camp. Or Writers Camp at Poynter. Or working on my Master’s Degree. So, this is it: a jobless summer. During the past few months as summer approached, I had a ton of ideas dreaming about how I would spend my summer. As our calendar begins to fill up, Ryan and I have talked at length over the past few days how important it is for me to have time to myself. When you picture two months of doing whatever you want to do, it becomes stressful when other sources (which are wonderful people who love you, care about you, and want to spend time with you & of course, vice versa) start pulling the days and weeks from your calendar.

This has kind of left me in limbo because I want to have a better balance in my life. Actually, this is one of the most important things I want to obtain this summer is setting a foundation for more balance in my life. With all this being said, I wanted to prioritize some of my goals for the Summer that are truly of top importance to me.

Relationship (Love 🙂
Home Organization & Balance
Health & Fitness
Family….especially time with my mother
Communication with Friends & Family
Organization of Materials for School (Any small creative prep I can do beforehand)
Reading More Books!

These all seem like Big & Lofty Goals, but they are really important & more detailed posts on that to follow.

So far, this summer we have had company from Ryan’s mom, stepdad, and my mom. Then friends from Orlando as well as Ryan’s BFF. Whew! The relaxation has not really started 🙂 This week? Moving! Case in point.