Yesterday Ryan & I slept in until 10:00. He went to work & I leisurely had breakfast & coffee. I sent a really important & lengthy email about getting some research published & waited for my eggs to digest & coffee to kick in before heading out for a cold run! Finally, I got ready to go for my run & Ryan texted me that I needed o be back at one & get ready. Of course, I then began to feel rushed & frustrated too bc of the super cold & super weird freezing weather.(it’s Spring Break, for Pete’s sake!:)) when I finally did get back I got ready & we drove to Tampa unbeknownst to me of why we were going. I always get excited when i see the red Columbia sign.image

Because there was a 45 minute wait, we went to Carmine’s for a beer. Peroni:) Once we were seated, we ordered the usual: a Cuban sandwich, black bean soup, & their famous salad. I was so hungry (THAT’s the usual!;)) I ate TONS of bread & butter before any real food arrived. Ryan’s such a gentleman…he ordered a fresh hot loaf of bread when I was about halfway through. Because I needed it??…

It was a perfect lunch because we shared everything. Afterwards, Ryan suggested we walk down to Channelside. We had another beer at Tinatapa’s. image

Curious how so many people were wearing Lightning gear…

As we sat & sipped our beer, I began to notice more & more people were heading “towards something”…walking with purpose. We paid, took so e pictures & Ryan said, “Let’s walk this way.” Just as I was about to ask AGAIN where we were going, Ryan pulled two sheets of paper from Ticketmaster out of his cost. We were going to a Lightning game:) Who knew I would love hockey so much?? It was so fun & interesting! I didn’t get bored once! (I tend to daydream & get distracted… And this also happens at sporting events;) ) I’ve always loved air hockey. Kind of in a weird obsessive competitive way (think Monica Gellar Season 10-The One in Barbados). So it definitely kept my attention & it was just fun! Plus, Ryan had some new dance moves whenever they played a snippet of a song. What a wonderful surprise day date!!:)image


Go Bolts!
Go Bolts!