Reading Notebook Anchor Charts {Literature}


“Why Reading Notebook Anchor Charts?”
The charts in this product are meant to be used inside students’ reading or writing notebooks. This is why they are shown two on a page. I don’t know about you, but we have copy budgeting issues at my school and I am always trying to find ways to save paper and copies! Plus, my students use composition notebooks for every subject and we have a special section for Notes and Teaching Charts where we glue these in.


More importantly, I use a lot of anchor charts in my classroom. With the amount of charts I make- it would be impossible to keep all of them up throughout the year and sometimes students forget they are there. Having them right in their notebooks allows easy accessibility to help during independent Reading or Writing. You might also find these useful for parents to use at home.


Since I began using anchor charts inside our Reading and Writing Notebooks, I have noticed my students are able to work better independently. They have the tools they need to support their learning. The charts have also been helpful in planning and presenting my lessons. For example, when we are talking about “theme,” I have examples and ways to find it by using the chart. This helps to bring a large and broad topic down to a concrete idea.


This set also includes a variety of graphic organizers for both fiction and nonfiction. I would love to hear your feedback on this product and requests for any other anchor charts you might feel would be useful to you and your students!



What is included?
The following charts are included aligned to the 3 clusters of the Reading Literature Standards for Grades 3-5.


Key Ideas & Details
Craft & Structure
Integration of Knowledge & Ideas


Extra Reading Charts & Tools
*The Story in a Nutshell Graphic Organizer (1 per page)
*The Story in a Nutshell Graphic Organizer (2 per page)
*Main Idea & Details Boxes & Bullets (2 per page)
*What’s the Big Idea?! Boxes & Bullets Graphic Organizer for Text
*Writing a Summary (1 per page)
*Let’s Talk Genre! (Genre Notebook Chart)
*Traditional Literature Notebook Chart
*My Reading Log (2 per page)
*Words We Should All Spell Correctly
*Responding to Fiction 1
*Responding to Fiction 2
*Responding to Nonfiction
*Readers Choose Just Right Books
*My New Year’s Reading Resolutions
*Ways I Can Help Myself Grow as a Reader
*Parts of Speech
*Reading is Thinking (boy)
*Reading is Thinking (girl)”


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