Reading Notebook Anchor Charts {Informational}


Why Reading Notebook Anchor Charts?
The charts in this product are meant to be used inside students’ reading notebooks. This is why they are shown two on a page. If you are anything like me, you are always trying to find ways to save paper and copies!


More importantly, we use a lot of anchor charts in our classroom. Having anchor charts right inside our notebooks give students access to the standards at their fingertips. You might also find these useful for parents to use at home.



What is included?
This product includes over 30 charts aligned to the 3 clusters of the Common Core Reading Informational Standards for Grades 3-5.


Key Ideas & Details
*Super Star Partnerships
*Wise Readers Ask Questions
*Using Text Evidence
*Types of Informational Texts
*Main Ideas and Supporting Details
*Talking about the Text
*Main Idea and Key Details (Graphic Organizer)
*Main Idea and Key Details (Graphic Organizer)
*Summarizing Nonfiction (Somebody Wanted But So)
*Summarizing Nonfiction (Notes with Example)
*Summarizing Nonfiction (Notes with Example) cursive font
*Determining Importance
*Determining Importance (Interesting or Important)
*Sentence Starters for Main Idea
*See, Think, Wonder (Blank)


Craft & Structure
*Alpha Boxes
*Context Clues
*Firsthand vs. Secondhand Account
*Primary vs. Secondary Sources
*Compare & Contrast
*Cause & Effect
*Problem & Solution
*Cause & Effect Graphic Organizer
*Nonfiction Signal Words 1
*Nonfiction Signal Words 2


Integration of Knowledge & Ideas
*Reasons & Evidence
*Text Features 1
*Text Features 2
*Text Features 3
*Combining Texts
*Combining Texts
*Combining Texts (Graphic Organizer)
*Bonus* Readers Gonna Read (My To-Read List)


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