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Heading into the New Year + {FREEBIE}

  Well, I’m not even going to discuss how I completely skipped over December and moved right along into the New Year. Not yet, anyway. I have been in creation-crossing stuff off the list-spending time with family-exercising-trying not to eat *too* much crap-organizing the house-wondering where Christmas vacation is going (????)-mode. So, December is leaving us tomorrow and I want to do a little reflecting on some things I have done that have worked this year or in previous years…

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Hello October!

Hi friends! I just wanted to come out of the abyss and say hello! Also, I wanted to recap my year so far (it’s been nothing less than CRAZY).  Plus…

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Leads & Endings

One Two of my favorite craft lessons to teach in writing are Leads and Endings.  The lead of a story is what captures our readers’ attention, piques their interest, and…